Having a Bad Day?

Imagine you rode in for another day at the preschool. After a long 3 hours of learning the alphabet, finger painting, and decorating a picture frame with multicolored macaroni you return to the parking lot only to find your Tricycle has been violated.

Busted Tricycle

Vandals and thieves have ruined your steel frame Radio Flyer. They ripped off your Selle San Marco Triciclo saddle and stole your Electra Amsterdam bell. They got your 12 inch Easton front rim, Schwalbe tire, FSA crankset and your Eggbeaters. In hindsight those Pitlock skewers seem like a great idea.

In what seems like an attempt to also steal your 7 inch rear rims, they destroyed one of them before giving up. Finally, to top it all off, they swiped your new red and white handlebar tassels. F#¬Ęk!ng savages!

Feel better?