Time to Write

A few years ago, I had an idea for a film so I looked into writing scripts and screenplays. I was mainly focused on the technical aspects, the terminology and the proper formatting that’s supposed to be used when writing a script. I skimmed a few sample scripts I found online and looked at some of the commercial software packages. I figured out the basics but, since I wasn’t too serious about actually writing the script, I wasn’t going to spend any money on software that’s basically a word processor. I did however, find someone that had built a series of macros that worked with Microsoft Word to help you properly format a script. I started using that to get some of my ideas down on paper and see what it was like.

Fast forward to today. Since, I’m going to be creating this video for the Foundry Tradesmen program, I think it will be best if I get my thoughts all sorted out on paper before trying to shoot anything. I know I’ll have to go through a few revisions and it’s easier to do that on the computer instead of shooting and reshooting. I looked around online for Word templates again and while I found some, I wasn’t thrilled with them.

Final Draft is the industry standard when it comes to screenwriting software applications but it has a price tag and I’m on a budget. I remembered that I had seen an alternative to Final Draft somewhere but I couldn’t quite remember what it was called. Google to the rescue again and I found Celtx.

Celtx comes in a couple different versions. Celtx Plus sells for $14.99 however the basic version of Celtx is free. I downloaded the free version and started exploring the app. Overall, the application seems solid, feature rich and easy to use. Celtx is more than just a word processor for scripts and screenplays. It has modules for just about everything you would need – storyboards, productions schedules, calendars, and more. You can also keep track of your characters, actors, crew, props and just about anything you can think of that would be relevant to film or video production.

There is also a paid service that will connect Celtx to the cloud allowing you to collaborate with others on a project. I didn’t test any of those features since I’m basically a one man shop on this project. So if your looking to write an episode of your favorite sitcom, creating a documentary on the life of a Triathlete, or just goofing off like me, take a look at Celtx. You can’t beat the price.