The Social Todd

Is it just me or have social networks become a little overwhelming? Personally, I think I would be happier if there were fewer of them. I first dipped my toe in the social network waters with MySpace. Just about the time I master the design for my profile with the proper background colors, etc. MySpace changed the rules and came out with something new. It was about that time I got on to Facebook. After I started using Facebook, I abandoned MySpace like it was the Titanic and never looked back. I think it took me a year to close my MySpace account but, I hadn’t updated it in about 10 months.

I’ve been using Facebook since 2008. Facebook and I have an on-again / off-again relationship. Sometimes I think it’s great, other times though, I’m not so thrilled with it. Sometimes I enjoy reading about what my friends are doing, other times it seems like my news feed is full of garbage. At one time my network of Facebook friends exploded but, I’ve trimmed things back since then. I still have over 180 friends in my network but, that number is less than it once was.

Right now, I’m trying to learn more about Twitter. It’s not that I don’t understand Twitter but I’m still feeling it out. I’m conscious of the etiquette of Internet and like a new student just starting middle school, I’m still trying to figure out how I can sit at the cool kids table during lunch time. One of the ways I would like to connect with people in connection with this blog, assuming it garners some interest is via the tweets. So if you’re a tweeter, my username is @stnkpalm

Another social media site that I’ve been playing around with is Pinterest. It feels like Pinterest if for girls. Of course there’s no rules or restrictions on Pinterest that would restrict it to the fairer of the sexes but, it feels like all the people I know that are using it are women. I got turned on to Pinterest because of my job as a DJ. I found out from a friend that a lot of brides were using the site to organize their ideas and links for wedding planning. I thought it might be a way for me to connect with potential clients and while there may be opportunities there, I’m not seeing them yet. Do I wish that my clients would pin my DJ website, yes. Will I start pinning my own content as a means for self promotion, probably not. I am using Pinterest to pin some tasty bicycle morsels. If you want to check out my pin boards, you’ll find me pinning as drrhythm

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What social media networks are you using?