Welcome to ride, report, repeat. My name is Todd Barber. I’m just a regular guy who, in the beginning of 2012 decided that I wanted to start riding a bicycle again. My primary reason for wanting to get back to bike riding is purely because I thought it would be fun. The health and fitness benefits are a welcomed side-effect.

I started this site when I decided to enter into the running to become a Foundry Cycles Tradesman, an ambassador for the brand. Becoming a Foundry Tradesman is a contest to win a bike but, it’s more than that. Foundry Cycles, a new brand under the Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) umbrella is just now, at the beginning of 2012, emerging into the market. In this Tradesmen program, Foundry Cycles will give five individuals a Foundry bike of their choosing. In exchange for the bike, Foundry is asking their selected Tradesmen or women to act as ambassadors for their brand over the course of a year. Foundry wants to spread the word about their cool new bikes and that’s what they are asking their potential Tradesmen to do for them.

So while I started this blog to talk about my experience being a Foundry Tradesman, there’s no guarantee that I’ll 1) be selected as a finalist by Foundry or 2) that I’ll receive the most votes in my region and become the Tradesman for my area. Right now, I’m still creating the video that will be my entry for the program. If I make it through rounds one and two, only then will I actually become one of the chosen few.

Regardless of whether or not, I become a Foundry Cycles brand ambassador, I’m still having fun creating my video. If I don’t get selected, I’ll continue this blog and write about my experiences on two wheels.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with, nor is this website endorsed by Foundry Cycles or Quality Bicycle Products. The views and opinions expressed in the media, articles, blog entries and comments throughout this site those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else.


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