Obviously, I’ve really neglected this site. I called this site ride, report, repeat. It seems I’ve begun to master ride and repeat but I’ve forgotten about report. When you’re having fun riding, it’s hard to stop to take the time to write a blog.

In May 2012 I purchased a new bike. Well, new to me. This bike was the first bike I had ever really bought. My prior bikes were either purchased for me when I was a kid or something I inherited. Since getting my bike I’ve spent a lot of my free time riding. In the span of 3 years I’ve ridden over 3600 miles. I know some people who ride more than that in a single year but I’m still proud of my progress. From May through December 2012 I rode about 400 miles. In 2013 I rode approximately 1100 miles and increased to about 1300 miles in 2014. So far, in the first four and a half months of 2015, I’ve ridden about 790 miles. I expect to finish 2015 with more miles than I rode last year.


When I first got started riding again, my longest trips were about 15 miles in length. I’ve slowly increased my distances and my average miles per week. My longest ride being over 50 miles. I would like to ride a metric century sometime soon. That’s 100 km or about 63 miles. A goal that’s no longer out-of-reach for me.

I started this site as part of an entry in a contest to win a new, high-end bike from a company called Foundry Cycles. You can look back through the posts here to learn more about how this site came to be. I wasn’t selected by Foundry to be one of their ambassadors and receive a bike. They selected individuals with a lot more experience riding and racing than me. That doesn’t bother me, I’ve gained a lot from cycling and the contest was a great excuse to create my first real video production. My decision to start cycling wasn’t prompted by the contest but the contest was the primary reason I started this blog.

Looking back through my posts on this blog, I realize that I’ve learned a lot. I chuckled a bit reading some of my old posts. In 2012 when I was shopping for a new bike I was looking for a flat-bar road bike or hybrid, as they are often called; something I probably wouldn’t seriously consider purchasing now. I ended up with a used cyclocross bike and while it’s not my ideal bike, I feel like it was a great choice… a great place to start. Bicycles are one of those things that people purchase, with the best of intentions, but ultimately fail to really use. It takes a great deal of searching to find a good used bike but if you have patience and equip yourself with some bike knowledge up-front you can find some pretty good deals on used bikes.

I’m happy that I ended up with a drop-bar road bike rather than a flat-bar or hybrid. A cyclocross bike is intended for cyclocross racing events but it can serve as a pretty good go-anywhere road bike as well. I think of my bike as an SUV or CUV. Like most people driving SUVs, I rarely take my cyclocross bike off-road.

Over the past three years of riding, I’ve had a chance to ride in a number of different places and really get a sense for the style of riding I enjoy. I spend most of my time riding roads or paved bike trails. I’m not a racer, I enjoy going fast but I’m more interested in riding longer distances than I am riding all out. My used cyclocross bike has served me very well but now I am shopping for a new bike. I’m confident that when I get a new bike my three years of experience on a great but relatively inexpensive “starter” bike will ensure my next bike purchase will be a well-informed, well researched decision.

By far the best thing about cycling for me is connecting with friends old and new who share a passion for riding. I’ve made a number of new friends along the way and expect to meet more as I continue to ride.

Giro d' Vino 2014Giro d' Vino 2014 Group ShotGiro d' Vino Nov. 2014The Great Scott Road Event - May 2015


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