Good Looking Bike

In all the research I’ve been doing on bikes, I’ve run across a few really good looking bikes. These are bikes that I find pleasing to the eye. They appeal to my sense of style or have a character I find to be captivating. So this is just a fun bike gawker kind of a post.

2011 Raleigh RX 1.0
2011 Raleigh RX 1.0First up is the 2011 version of the Raleigh RX 1.0. This is one good looking cyclocross bike. I personally love the military theme paint job on this bike. Army green with red and small mustard accents probably wouldn’t sound all that appealing if you were explaining it to someone over the phone but in photos I think it works. This RX is a bike I would be proud to have in my garage. It’s beauty isn’t only skin deep, with the Shimano 105 group, rack, fender and bottle cage mounts, it would suit my needs and desires quite nicely. There’s probably one out there somewhere if you can’t live without one and if I could find one within a couple hundred miles in my size, I would probably go check it out.

Redline Metro Classic
Redline Metro Classic
Next let’s look at another Cyclocross style bike. This is the 2012 Redline Metro Classic. I wouldn’t call this an all out racing bike, Redline has other models that are probably better suited for racing but like the Raleigh, this is a damn fine looking bike. I’m glad that Redline offers some nice large images of their bikes online. I also like the fact that they don’t display them in some silly Flash based pan and zoom viewer. I’m looking at you Specialized. Other manufacturers should follow Redline’s lead here. If you make quality bikes why not post some large high quality images of them for people to enjoy.

The Metro Classic is the perfect name for this bike. I love the orange paint and tan/cream colored accents. The cream colored sidewalls on the tires are the icing on the cake. I would love to see this bike with a 105 group or SRAM Apex but I suspect the Shimano Tiagra group will serve most buyers just fine. With the triple crank in the front and the 12-28 cog set in the rear this would make a great all-rounder kind of a bike. I think it’s perfect for a beginner who’s looking for a bike with drop bars. There’s room for bigger tires, mounting points for fenders as well as racks. The steel 4130 Chromoly frame and disc brakes round out the “do everything” package. Finally, the $1099 MSRP isn’t bad for what you get. I would absolutely love to test ride this bike.

Electra Ticino 20D
Electra Ticino 20D
This is the Electra Ticino 20D, the retro vibe is in full effect on this bike. The classic styling on this bike is beautiful. I love the Root Beer like paint that Electra calls Chestnut Metallic. Equipped with racks front and rear, this stylish commuter / town bike is sure to turn heads. The chrome hammered fenders on the Ticino are a standout element on this bike. To me, they are really the one touch that ties all the retro pieces together. The Ticino is offered in 6 different models for men and one for women. The 20D is the top-of-the-line model for men. This version is equipped with a Shimano 105 group, bar end brake levers, and downtube shifters. The real beauty of this bike is in the details. Saddle Up Bike has a nice write-up on the Ticino and a gallery of photos that showcases all those details. While I’m not in the market for a bike like the Ticino, I think it would make a great second or third bike in my stable.

Electra Ticino 8D
Electra Ticino 8D
Last in this round up of beautiful bikes is the Electra Ticino 8D. This is the one and only ladies version of the Ticino. This version with it’s low step-over toptube is another stunning example of this retro inspired bike. The 8D gets by with a single chainring in the front and a Shimano 2300 8-Speed cassette in the rear. Shifting is handled by a single mountain bike style Rapidfire Plus trigger.

So what about you. What’s the bike you find to be the fairest of them all? Let us know by posting a comment.


2 thoughts on “Good Looking Bike

  1. I agree, every bike I own has appealed to me not only from a performance aspect, but also from a visual point of view. There are just some bikes, no matter how technologically perfect are fugly….Cervelo S5 comes to mind. Amazing technology…ugly asthetics..

    Others, while not at all streamlined or aerodynamic….are just cool looking – Trek Sawyer

  2. That Trek Sawyer is very cool. The funny thing about the Cervelo S5 is that it looks like it would be heavy. The thickness of the frame and the rims make it look “fat.”

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