Ride. Report. Repeat. I CAN Handle That.

Foundry Cycles is looking for five brand ambassadors and I want to be one of them. If selected I’ll spend a year acting as an evangelist for the brand, a Foundry Tradesman. My duties will include riding their bike to local events, bike races, the grocery store, and just about anywhere it can take me. I’ll also be asked talk to people about what I think of the Foundry bike I’ll be given, answer questions they might have about the bike and perhaps let them take it for a spin. Additionally, I’ll be asked to document and share my experience through blogging, photography, and video. Foundry makes it clear, their ambassadors will have to earn their keep.

Foundry Cycles Router

So let’s see, I’ll be given a fantastic, high-tech, lightweight bicycle which I will spend a year riding. As a result, I’ll reap all the health benefits such as, increased strength, enhanced muscle tone, improved cardiovascular fitness, and better heart health. I’ll also be “required” to meet new people who share a passion for cycling and spend time talking to them about my cool new bike. Finally, I’ll have to spend time taking photos, making videos, and sharing all the fun I’m having with the world through this blog.

It really doesn’t seem much like work to me.

Foundry want’s to know why I should be selected to ride for them. Why they should choose me as a finalist to for this program? I’ll be up against other entrants that will likely have more experience riding bicycles. Perhaps, people who have spent a good part of their lives riding bikes and competing in bike racing. There will also be individuals who have more connections in the world of biking. Maybe people who work in the industry, lead bicycle tours, or put on events. None of that means I’m not a good choice for Foundry.

I’m committed to this project, I’m committed to immersing myself in the bicycle lifestyle and I’m committed living up to Foundry’s expectations for their Tradesmen and women. I’ll turn my dream into a reality and 365 days later, I know I’ll be proud I’ve done it.

What’s my dream? With the help for a few friends and family members, I’ve created a video to illustrate just that. Michael Bay, Peter Jackson, nor even Kevin Smith are worried about my freshman foray into directing. Still, I think my video turned out pretty good and more importantly, I had a lot of fun making it.



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