This post is reserved to provide credit and attribution to the photographers who’s images helped make my Foundry Cycles Tradesmen video possible. I want to thank all these individuals for making their works available to the public under a creative commons license. All creative commons licenses require attribution be given to the original owner or artist. The following is a listing of all the still photos used in my video. No credit is given to website screenshots, licensed stock photos, or images provided by Foundry Cycles. I’ve included the title of the work, the photographer’s name and a linked image to the original posted on flickr. I’ve organized this list in the order that the photos appear in my soon to be released video.

Cleveland Welding Co. Skiptooth Chainring – Arturo Sotillo
Cleveland Welding Co. Skiptooth Chainring

Coyote Hills Regional Park – Nina Stawski
Coyote Hills Regional Park

Coyote Hills – Jim Bahn
Coyote Hills

Univega Rover 304 – 1,2 & 3 – Todd Barber

Foundry Router Studio – Composition by Todd Barber

Kim & Alexis – Richard Masoner
Kim & Alexis

Todd & Dan – Kathleen W.

Land Park Criterium – Todd Barber

Bike Lane – Michelle Barber

splended morning – Robert Couse-Baker
splended morning

Margaret biking – Russell Brennan
Margaret biking

Umpqua River Mountain Bike Trip 6/11 – Gabriel Amadeus
Umpqua River Mountain Bike Trip 6/11

Mountain Bike Wilder Ranch – Richard Masoner
Mountain Bike Wilder Ranch

Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz – Richard Masoner
Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz

Sunset at the Bike Park – Todd Barber

Todd at the Post Office – Michelle Barber

Mailing a Letter to Foundry – Michelle Barber

City Bicycle Works – Todd Barber

Madcat Bicycles – Todd Barber

Heading to Roseville – Thirteen Of Clubs
Heading to Roseville

I would also like to give some extra recognition to Richard Masoner he has over 10,000 photos posted on his flickr photostream. Richard is also the primary blogger / owner of I don’t know Richard but, he asks that inviduals using his images link to his website and I’m more than happy to oblige. From what I have seen, both his blog and all the fabulous photos he’s taken are a great contribution to the bicycle loving population. Thanks Richard.


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