Lustworthy Bikes

My quest to find a new bike has taken a back seat since I’ve started working on this project to create a video entry for the Foundry Cycles brand ambassador program. I’ve been spending most of my free time working on the video. So far, the process has been a lot of fun and I don’t mind that I’ve basically stopped looking for a new bike.

I know I’m probably going to be going up against some formidable competitors for a chance to be one of the five Tradesmen/women. There are a lot of talented people out there and I know some of them are also passionate about bikes. If do end up getting selected, I won’t need to buy myself a new bike, at least not right away. I’m sure I’ll be happy riding one of the “tools” from Foundry for quite some time. Of course, there’s always room in the stable for more horses.

I thought it might be nice to share some of the other bikes I have discovered online or in person with all of you. I’ve created a little gallery here of a few of the bikes I find particularly lust worthy.

BMC makes the urbanchallenge UC01 and it is one sweet looking bike. Like Foundry’s cycles the urbanchallenge features a blacked-out frame but does offer just a hint of flair with it’s red accents. This bike is offered with a few different component groups and in a few different color schemes but, I like the model that comes equipped with Shimano’s Alfine 11 speed hub and Gates Carbon Drive system. Very few places in Northern California carry the BMC brand so I have not had the opportunity to see one of these bikes in person.

Another great looking bike is the Orbea Diem S20. The Diem features a carbon fiber frame partially painted in a color called carbon silver. The two-tone look with the carbon silver paint and the carbon fiber weave is a very cool. The Orbea logo on the downtube is a little big but, I don’t think it detracts from the overall look at all. In a way, the Diem is a bike that defies classification. As you may already know, there’s an elusive creature know as man-bear-pig who’s, half man, half bear and half pig. The Diem is a lot like man-bear-pig because it’s half road bike, half hybrid and half mountain bike. Just look at it… The Diem has road-like 700×32 wheels, a flat bar, and a Shimano Deore XT Mountain Bike group set.

Finally, there’s the Salsa Vaya. Here is another bike that seems to defy classification. On closer inspection though, it seems like the Vaya actually defines a category or riding. The Vaya is billed as a road adventure bike. It’s designed to handle any road surface. I imagine this bike would also do just fine on some easy single track as well. Here’s a bike that can do just about anything. Sure, it’s not a true mountain bike but if that’s what you’re looking for Salsa has you covered. If I only had the option to own a single bike, I would probably choose the Vaya. I could really see myself owning the Vaya.


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